E-Cell Recruitments

Management Team

Round 1

The Management team is the backbone of club operations. The entire club bands together to brainstorm, organize and execute a variety of initiatives including but not limited to the Startup Internship Program, Building Blocks of Business, Learning Portal throughout the year as well as events like E-Summit, Hult Prize, Enterprise and so on.

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Registration Deadline:

For further information, contact:
Supritha Harishankar: +91 9901680920
Reetesh Bhat: +91 8971071692
Rohit Handique: +91 8473926299

We want to see how creative you can get. Please keep your answers brief as it will be judged on the basis of its uniqueness and creativity, not its length. The answers to these questions hold a certain weightage in our recruitment process, so try to give your best!

Word Limit (For each answer) : 200 Words

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